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that little kick

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Hello, I am Lola from Spain. I’m wishing meet you.


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Hello!!! I’m Javier.My parents are Encarni and Joaquín, my brother is Jaime.

I’m very happy because yesterday we reported the boy who came from Poland.

Called Kacper.Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday.Lent begins,are the 40 days before Easter.


Hi from Spain !!!!!

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Hello Kamil , I´m Sergio ( Oscar´s brother )

You will come at our home

A hug from all my family: Enrique, Alicia, Oscar and me (Sergio) …….to: Jola, Witek, Natalia, Maria and you (Kamil)

Today afternoon in the School tell us the programation your visit ,… It is very funny !

I hope you take a very travel !

Don´t worry the plane, you will like it !

Next time!


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How are you??? I’m wishing you to come to Spain

Kisses Clara


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Dear Comenius friends,

We have celebrated  CARNIVAL with our students. We  hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we have enjoyed it.


IMAG1837 IMAG1838 IMAG1839 IMAG1840 IMAG1834

Scottish Comenius Group

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We rehearsed our Comenius song today. Had some fun and took some pictures.