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Hi all, I’m Celia from Spain.

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That I have wanted to reassemble all again Whenever lack least for May.

I send a big hug for Elle and Faye Watson.

A greeting to all the school Forrester Edinburgh.

Shopping time!!

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Hi! It’s Magda again..I bought myself a and I’m definitely going to take some cauese they are waterproof.

Is it really that cold Rachel??


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Yet only week to meetings in Scotland. I am glad from this meetings.

Hello from Scotland

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Hi everyone. I’m one of the Edinburgh teachers but wasn’t able to be with you all on your recent visit to Edinburgh 😔 however I heard you all had a great time and are getting ready for our next meeting 😄 we will be getting our students together very soon and will make sure they get in touch with you on this blog and using email also. Keep the communication going. Bye for now 👋 Mr Ennis

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Hi Megan, it´s a long time I don´t hear from you,I´m missing you a lot. Kisses for u and your family.


Hi David, how are you? I’ fine. I am looking forward to seeing you un May, I send regards to your mother and your brother.  See you soon.

I’m Celia, and is approaching the day of your visit, here are eager for your arrival, we are keen that you’re here and we do many things together.
I send you a hug and Faye Elle Wason.

Happy Halloween

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Hello to all, I am Loreto. That such a Halloween? Already it remains small in order that us visiteis in Spain, insurance that we will spend it very well. I guard very good recollections of Edinburgh. Regards and up to soon.